Retail / Merchandise
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Gung is founded by Yinn Ooi in 2017 with her passion to create jewellery that can represent individuality. Her interior architecture background gave her a deep understanding of form and structure which she now incorporates into her designs.

Our jewellery house’s logo stands for the palace, which represents the palaces of South Korea. Despite the fact that Gung is to evoke exclusivity and regality. However our vision is to create premium jewellery that’s not overly exorbitant and yet affordable jewellery for everyday and for everybody.We embrace the intrinsic nature of expressing our individuality— through jewellery. As we believe

Retail / Merchandise 
1 - 10 employees 
Regular hours, Monday to Friday  
Selangor, Malaysia 
Customer Service, Customer Service Excellence 
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