Game Master (Breakout Melaka)

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CompanySuperdough Sdn Bhd
Job StateMelaka
Job FunctionFeatured, Sales - Retail
Job IndustryRetailing
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Job Description

Currently available post:
– Game Master (Part time) [Up to RM8.5/hour]
As a game master, you will be required to oversee the outlet, ensure it is running smoothly and also facilitate customer’s gameplay experience.
You are required to:
1. Be a good SOP practitioner. Since we have presence not only in Malaysia, but also in South Korea, Canada and United States, we can’t have game masters in different countries practicing different procedures and standard, can we? :>
2. Be a customer oriented person. Since we are an entertainment provider, we can’t have customers leave upset or angry, can we? ;)
3. Responsibly perform duties assigned to you. Since our managers are not only managing 1 employee, we need everyone to play their parts so to maintain a harmonious workplace aye?
4. Be a fun loving person. Since you are to bring fun and excitement to our customers, you can’t be a boring person, can you? Even if you are, it’s alright. Fake it till you make it. Aha!
5. Be a clean and neat person. Since it is not your home, and you don’t have a private care taker, it is only natural that everyone who works there are responsible for the cleanliness and tidiness of the work place, aye?
6. Be a responsive and attentive. Since you are to oversee the outlet and staffs, you are to be able to report to the management promptly during working hour.
7. Be able to adapt to crisis and perform well in critical thinking. Since we are dealing with customer and anything can happen.
What is in for you?
1. Uniforms provided
2. Increment/bonus based on KPI performance
3. We train you to be a leader
4. Annual team building activity
5. Staff discount
6. EPF & Socso + Medical Card (Only applicable to Full Time)
7. Paid overtime
To take up the challenge or not to take up the challenge, that is the question.
Job Requirements
1. Proficient in English speaking
2. Customers oriented
3. Good attitude, willing to learn and open to feedback
4. Only good vibes

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