Math Instructor / Tutor

PPM AcaMaths Suria Malaysia, Selangor, Puchong

MYR 10.00 - 15.00 Per Hour
Employment Type
Job Functions

Job Description – Instructor 

  • Teach through AcaMaths methodology and terminology, using prescribed teaching practices. 
  • Interact with and motivate students during the instructional session. 
  • Evaluate and document student progress. 
  • Communicate student needs to the center director. 
  • Assist in non-teaching tasks, which may include cleaning, administrative assistance, curriculum preparation, or other duties as assigned. 

Instructor Characteristics: 

Math Expert: Instructors must be passionate about math and have strong math skills. Instructors who work with high school students must also excel in math through Algebra, Trig, and Pre-Calculus. Instructors must be willing to successfully complete training and learn and apply new pedagogy to teach the AcaMaths Method. 

Engaging: Instructors must interact well with students and be able to explain things clearly and concisely. Instructors should be able to inspire students to do well, establish a fun learning environment, and consistently demonstrate enthusiasm in teaching math. 

Facilitator: Instructors must move easily from one student to another and be able to keep track of multiple instructional lessons going on concurrently. Instructors must be able to evaluate and document progress in order to facilitate student learning. 

Professional: Instructors must interact with parents, students, and co-workers in a friendly but professional manner at all times and establish a high level of confidence and program value with AcaMaths families. 

About Us

AcaMaths aspires to groom generations of “Maths Thinkers”. We achieve this by allowing students to discover the joy and beauty of Mathematics in their foundational years of learning mathematics. We work with family with children aged 7~17 years old. Our personalised learning programs focus on building math foundation, and achieving math excellence through beautiful learning experiences.

The Beautiful Learning Experience will encourage the journey of learning mathematics to blossom into the lives of our children and continue to grow in their adulthood.

We believe that one who has The beautiful experience in learning something will naturally enjoy it and good at it. We strive to assist our next generation into becoming the leading engine of growth through mathematics.

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