Online Journalism (work from home)

Math Monkey (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd Malaysia

MYR 100.00 - 200.00 Per Job
Employment Type
Education, Journalism
Job Functions
Education, Public Relations, Writing/Editing

Write stories about parents challenges and successes in developing their children.

Requires persons with LOVE for young children and PASSION for education with interest to write stories about parental successes to develop their children.

Our program is unique, help young children to Play to Learn and develop their 5 brain abilities. 4 to 6 years old are best time to mould young children to have Growth Mindset to solve problems from many ways. These children will grow up with more confidence in life to achieve their goals beside getting good grades !

We want to document the stories about our past parents challenges and success in developing their children.

Check our website: and facebook sites.

Candidates should provide evidence of their writing abilities for our consideration.

About Us

Math Monkey MathBrain center is a learner centric enrichment center which facilitate children to develop MathBrain with 5 brain abilities through learning Vedic Math by having fun in “Play to Learn” environment. Math Monkey's MathBrain program will help young children to develop their problem solving skills with 5 brain abilities and math principles.


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