Tech-Savy Virtual Assistant

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Job StateWork From Home
Job FunctionIT / Computer - General
Job IndustryRetailing
This company is willing to hirePerson with Disability, Single Parent, Non-Malaysian

Job Description

We are looking for a Tech Savy Virtual Assistant who can:
1. Research & Test new software
2. Create application training manuals and training materials
3. Record issues and solutions to troubleshoot guides
4. Support team members to answer queries, locate information and review technical requirements
5. Research and propose alternative system to replace current manual process that could improve productivity.
6. IT Savvy, independent and could work under fast pace environment.
If you are interested, then send your proposal with a proper Cover letter & answer all the below questions. (Proposals without any answers will be rejected)
1. Do you have experience in a similar job? If yes, kindly elaborate.
2. If selected, how many hrs can you contribute per day? And during which timings of which time zone?
3. Are you currently employed/ working on any other projects? If yes, how many & for how long will it last?
4. If selected, what would be your best per hour rate to start?
5. Your current age & city
6. Do you have any educational background in IT/ Computers? If Yes, mention the details only if you have supporting documents to prove it (whenever need arises)

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Job State
Work From Home
Job Function
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