Secondary / High School Mathematics Tutor

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  • Teach IGCSE O-Level Math, Year 6 & Year 9 Cambridge Checkpoint Math, SPM MATH & ADD MATH, PT3 and all other math syllabus.
  • It is important for tutors to teach completely based on logic and reason. Every single step or procedure in problem-solving has its reasoning, and tutors must be able to convey the understanding of these mathematical concepts to children. We will share this knowledge with newly hired tutors and equip you with these skills.
  • Tutors must also be comfortable working with different kinds of children, with both high and low math competency levels, across different age groups (7-17 years old).


  • Must have good communication skills with both adults and children, as it is required to update parents on their children’s progress, and also able to inspire and motivate young children.
  • Must be patient when guiding children through their work, be firm if they misbehave, but never get angry if and when they do not understand.
  • Must have agility and stamina as it is required that we move around the class tutoring a class of 10 students or more, dealing with a huge variety of math and problem-solving questions. Tutors cannot sit at one place to teach, but walk around and distribute their personal attention to every student in the class.
  • Must make children feel at ease and foster their self-confidence by being gentle & caring, and tutors must also always express the willingness to help guide them through understanding their work.

Working Location Direction to Here

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