Junior Sales/Marketing Trainee

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CompanyInfinity Marketing Group
Job StateJohor
Job FunctionBusiness Development / Marketing
Job IndustryAdvertising / Public Relation
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Job Description

Applying for a job but there is this one factor that many employers require that you don’t have, Working Experience. Have you have ever been in this situation ? In order to have experience, we will have to start somewhere someday. If you are someone who’s enthusiastic and determined enough to kickstart your career journey then worry not you are at the right place.

1.Fresh Graduate / SPM Cert Holder
2.Able to work in a team
3.Have student mentality
4.Outgoing and enthusiastic personality
5.Sporting nature

Your Responsibility
1.Being Brand Representative for client products
2.Building a team with proper guidance
3.Promote and sell products to potential consumers
4.Attending Business and Self development Events
5.Conduct f2f presentations to clients

1.Attractive quarterly bonuses and incentives
2.Monthly Road trips across Malaysia
3.Career development on fast track
4.Free one on one coaching in Leadership and Management skills
5.Jovial working environment

If you are a bright and young individual who is determined enough to start up your career, then wait no more CLICK APPLY NOW !!!.

The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our HR team to schedule their interviews.

Thank you and Stay Safe.

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