Junior Marketing Warrior

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CompanyInfinity Marketing Group
Job StateJohor
Job FunctionSales - Corporate
Job IndustryAdvertising / Public Relation
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Job Description

Life is filled with problems that gives us great experiences, either good or bad. And solution providing skill is a valuable skill that we learn and improvise from every challenges we face. If you are someone who is enthusiastic enough in enhancing your problem solving skills, then you are the Junior Marketing Warrior we are searching for.
Desired Personality

1. Have a willingness to learn and gain experience.

2. Have learning attitude

3. Character that is outgoing, kind, and approachable.

4. Flexible and able to prioritise tasks.

5. Able to perceive obstacles as opportunities
Your Mission

1. Interacting with customers  in a professional and courteous manner.

2. Representing our brand at promotional events and other marketing channels

3. With proper guidance, build and lead your team.

4. Representing the image of client’s brand.

5. Increasing brand recognition by establishing network of high potential customers

1. Have a weekly team bonding night.

2. A fun work environment

3. Bonuses and incentives every quarter

4. Free one-on-one training

5. Rapid advancement in your career
Are you someone who takes challenges as opportunities to learn, then what are you waiting for CLICK APPLY NOW!!!
Shortlisted candidates will be contacted by our HR for interview.
Thank you and Stay Safe.

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