Junior Marketing Ambassador

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CompanyInfinity Marketing Group
Job StateJohor
Job FunctionSales - Corporate
Job IndustryAdvertising / Public Relation
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Job Description

Sitting in a coffee shop while hearing your doctor cousin showing off his new car, have you ever wondered on when are you going to buy your own dream car ? Seems like a familiar situation isn’t it. Do you feel that in order to achieve their goals youngsters should have academic qualifications? Worry not, academic qualifications isn’t necessary to achieve your dreams and I believe this is the Perfect Platform for you to change your lifestyle.

Your Mission

1.Become acquainted with the company’s mission, vision, and objectives

2.Attend workshops and trainings for team development

3.Conduct F2F presentation with customers

4.Promote and sell products in behalf of clients

5.Build and manage your own team with guidance
Perks you Gain

1.Appealing quarterly bonuses & incentives.

2.Professional career advancement on a fast track.

3.Take a monthly road trip across Malaysia.

4.Jovial working space

5.Complimentary one-on-one expert coaching in the areas of leadership, management, and marketing.
Desired Charismatic

1.Outgoing, kind, and approachable personality.

2.Adaptable and capable of prioritising jobs.

3.Able to see challenges as an opportunity

4.Sporting nature

5.A determined and enthusiastic attitude.
If you are not serious about getting your dream car, DON’T Apply.
Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by our HR for interview.
Thank you and Stay safe.

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