Ex-Singapore Experienced Company Secretary

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CompanyCR Consultancy Pte Ltd
Job StateKuala Lumpur
Job FunctionLaw / Legal Services - Company Secretary
Job IndustryAccounting
This company is willing to hireRetiree, Person with Disability, Single Parent, Non-Malaysian

Job Description

We are an outsourced accounting, tax, company secretary and HR/ payroll form.
Mandatory Requirement: Applicant should have ex-Singapore ACRA Qualified Individual or company secretary experience.
This role is work from home, is customer facing, flexible freelance schedule. It should be noted that some tasks are time sensitive (company incorporation, annual filing, etc)
Suitable for stay home parents looking to re-enter the market or retirees only. Non-malaysian are welcome to apply.
Applicant must have their own laptop for work. We provide laptop for Penang applicants.
Rates are negotiable.
Job Description:
1. We are growing our company secretary clientele and requires one to assist in company incorporation, annual filling and the development of our templates.
Applicant must have ex-Singapore ACRA QI or secretarial experience.
Thanks for your time!

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Job State
Kuala Lumpur
Job Function
Job Industry
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