Assistant Head Instructor

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Job StateSelangor
Working LocationNo Specific Location
Job FunctionPersonal Care / Beauty / Fitness Service - Fitness Instructor, VERIFIED
Job IndustrySports
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Job Description

“The Assistant Head Instructor is the second-in-command to all instructors. The Assistant Head Instructor is responsible for creating an environment where learning is inevitable and a culture where team members are motivated to provide the highest standard of instruction and quality of services. The Assistant Head Instructor assists in the successful delivery of all swimming programs, activities and events, according to the highest standards of ethics and excellence.”


  1. Assist in managing and optimizing all instructors and in-water operations at all centers in line with company direction and to meet company goals
  2. Suggests strategies to fully maximize pool capacity at every center
  3. Assist in ensuring instructor scheduling is within budget and cost efficient at all centers
  4. Assist in planning all in-water operations strategically according to company SOP and within budget
  5. Monitor and report on all instructors’ performance, competency, productivity and welfare
  6. Assist with resolving student issues and customer complaints within 48 hours and according to company’s SOP and company values
  7. Assist in planning for and conducting training of instructors whenever necessary;
  8. Assist in training and implementing updates and improvements to the company syllabus or SOP
  9. Suggest updates and improvements to syllabus and services
  10. Ensure proper delivery of students’ progress to parents
  11. Work closely with Out-Water Supervisors and Managers in line with company direction and to meet company goals

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Job State
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No Specific Location
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