FAQ for Employer


What is the difference between signing up as a Jobseeker & Employer with PartTimePost.com?

If you are looking for a job, then sign up as a Jobseeker. As a Jobseeker, you will be able to apply for the positions in our job listing.

If you are looking for employees, then sign up as an Employer. As an Employer, you will be able to post available jobs in your company on PartTimePost.com.

Do I need an email account to register with PartTimePost.com?

Yes, you do because it is the main communication tool for the employers, jobseekers and the PartTimePost.com team.

What do I do if I forget my password or login ID?

If you have forgotten your password, click Reset Password to reset your password. An email with reset instruction will be sent to you from PartTimePost.com.

If you have forgotten your login ID or you do not receive the email, please contact us at contact@parttimepost.com.

Is there any restriction(s) or selection(s) on company’s background during registration at PartTimePost.com?

No. There is no restriction on company’s background or industry. However, the company MUST be a legal and registered company.

I have wrongly registered with PartTimePost.com as a Jobseeker. How can I change it to an Employer account?

For now it is not possible to do it on your own. Please drop an email to contact@parttimepost.com and we will gladly help you to migrate your account.

Employers’ Guide / Job Advertising

What are the advertising guidelines for job posting?

Yes. We have provided the advertising guidelines of job posting for our employers. Below here are the guidelines:

  1. Register for a Free Employer Account.
  2. Start posting for job vacancy by clicking on the “Submit New Job” button at “My Dashboard” after you have completed the registration.

Can I put my contact details in the job description?

No. Employers are highly encouraged to use the “Message” function to communicate with the Jobseekers because the contact details of employers may be used by unauthorised party (e.g. scammers) for unlawful purposes.

How to add image to the job post description for the Featured Job Post?

You can’t include any images into your job post description by yourself because the background design is a custom design. Our design team will assist you to upload the image. If you found that the image is not suitable, please contact our team to assist you at contact@parttimepost.com.

I can't see my job posting in PartTimePost.com after I've submitted the job.

Your job would not be displayed immediately. Our team will review and publish it during the working hours once everything is in order such as job content validation. The process usually takes 1 working day.

I notice that my job posting have gone missing. Why is that so?

PartTimePost.com will not delete any jobs unless they are deemed to have violated our Terms and Conditions Policy.

All employers are responsible for compliance with applicable employment law. PartTimePost.com will remove any job posting which is against the laws without prior notification. PartTimePost.com will not accept job postings relate to:

  • Business opportunities
  • Multilevel marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Positions requiring upfront fees
  • Positions involving nudity
  • Vacancies involved illegal activities

How do I attract more applicants?

To attract more applicants, you are advised to have a complete job posting details such as job scope, location and remuneration. For more effective application, you may consider posting it as Featured Job Posting.

How is PartTimePost.com different than other online job portals?

We specialise in Part-time, Freelance and Temporary job recruitment. We have 89% application rate on Part-time, Freelance and Temporary job segments.

Do you have your own Mobile App in Google Play Store or Apple App Store?

For the meantime, we do not have our own Mobile App yet because we have a comprehensive mobile website for mobile devices users.

Why is my job posting not shown on PartTimePost.com Facebook's fan page?

In order for your job posting to be shown on our Facebook Fan Page, we will highlight the Featured Job Posting and some selective Standard Job Postings.

Pricing Structure

What is the price structure offered by PartTimePost.com?

It is simple, reasonable and affordable. For our complete pricing structure, please refer to our Pricing Page in order to find out more details about the pricing package.

Do you charge any fee for posting jobs?

We have 2 types of job posting options which are the 30 Days No Up-Front Fee Standard Job Posting and the Featured Job Posting.

What is 30 Days No Up-Front Fee Standard Job Posting?

It is a package that implies:

  • No charges applied when employer posted a Standard Job Post.
  • This is to ensure employer receives applications first before paying

Pay only RM45 / 45 Credits to unlock ALL applicants’ full information when you are ready to invite the candidates down for an interview

What is Featured Job Posting?

It is a package that implies:

  • Pay only RM99 / 99 Credits to unlock ALL the applicants’ full information by default with no further charges
  • It is also valid for 30 days + (10 days free for limited time only)
  • The job posting will be featured on top of main page and it has a custom design job posting background
  • The job posting will be highlighted on PartTimePost Facebook Community
  • Instant approval

What is Credit Packs and its benefits?

Our Credit System is an advanced development which provides complete flexibility to employers when posting a job vacancy:

  • Extra credit will be awarded when you purchase our Credit Packs. Our conversion rate isRM1.00 to 1 Credit
  • No payment gateway needed when a job is posted with credit
  • No expiry date for all credit purchased

Instant approval and publication for all job postings with Credit (Terms & Conditions Applied)

What is a VERIFIED Employer?

A Verified Employer signifies a genuine account holder and it represents a trusted and reputable employer, hence it builds confidence among jobseekers. For more information, please click “VERIFIED Employer”.

Which package should I choose in order to match with my job posting needs?

No doubts, different credit packs are offered to suit the demands from different employers. Below are the guidelines for our employers to help them make a smart option among the packages offered:

  • For the newly registered employers who wish to give a try by posting a job on our job portal may opt to the 30 Days No Up-Front Fee Standard Job Posting.
  • Then, employers may select the RM 45 package in order to unlock ALL applicants’ full informationin their single job posting.
  • If employers want their job posting to remain on the top of our main page and/or to have a custom design job posting background, they may choose the RM 99 Featured Job Posting package to attract more applicants.

For those employers who are interested to post for their jobs continuously with us, they may pick the Credit Packs which comprised of RM 200, RM500 and RM 800 respectively.

Payment Options & Refund Policy

What are the payment options that you offer?

We have 2 options:

  1. Online Payment Option via Credit Card
  • Our online credit card transaction system is secured by Paypal.
  1. Bank Transfer Payment Option
  • You may also choose the Bank Transfer, Cheque Payment, or Cash Deposit to proceed with your payment.
  • Company bank account information will be provided upon request.

Please reply us via contact@parttimepost.com or contact us with your payment advice and we will unlock the job posting immediately.

Why is the Bank Transfer Payment to Flamy Sdn. Bhd. instead of PartTimePost.com?

For your information, PartTimePost.com is wholly owned by Flamy Sdn. Bhd.

Is there any refund for any job posting package?

No. There will be no refund after payment had been made.

Employers’ Key Features

What is a Hiring Pipeline?

The Hiring Pipeline is to help the employers to categorize the applicants’ status.

Can I edit my job posting after it has been published?

Yes, you can edit your job post after you had published it. You can also “Edit” or “Unpublish” your job post on “My Dashboard“. Employers are strongly encouraged to validate the details of their job postings before deciding to publish them.

Is it possible for me to unpublish my job post after it has been published?

Yes, you can edit your job post after you had published it. You can also “Edit” or “Unpublish” your job post on “My Dashboard“. Employers are strongly encouraged to validate the details of their job postings before deciding to publish them.

Can I see all my unpublish job postings in "My Dashboard" after I login to PartTimePost.com?

Yes, you can. All the unpublish job postings will be shown on your Dashboard page that are segmented into “Dashboard“, “Pending Jobs” and “Ended/Expired Jobs“.

How can I notify a job applicant of his/her application status?

Employers are encouraged to use the “Message” function to update jobseekers of their application outcome. You may also email jobseeker or contact directly via the provide contact number.

What are the email notifications for employers?

Registered employers will receive the following email alerts if you have subscribed to the email notification service:

  • When job postings had been Approved by PartTimePost.com
  • The time when there are Jobseekers applied to the job posts
  • Once there are any message received from Jobseekers
  • 5 days before job postings expire

*Note: There will be no email sent for those new job postings that have been submitted.


How can PartTimePost.com help employers?

We can help you by providing an official job portal to look for adequate and flexible workforce. We are also help to match job seekers to their potential employers. For more information, you may click About Us.

Who and where should I contact if I had any inquiries or needed help?

You may contact us at:

  • contact@parttimepost.com, or
  • Private message us in our Facebook Fan Page, or
  • use the “Feedback Bubble” at the right corner of our main page, or
  • Tel: +6018282 1511 / Fax: +60380636596 or
  • WhatsApp +6018282 1511