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How does work?

It is simple. specialises in part-time, freelance and temporary job recruitment. By connecting the employers and jobseekers through our online services, we make flexible employment more accessible.

We connect Jobseekers and Employers together in one place

We connect jobseekers and employers together in one place.

The Benefits

With part-time workers, employers benefit from lower total employment cost and enjoy the flexibility to scale their workforce up or down depending on the workload.

It also benefits companies for freelance professional services on a project basis. If you think about it, 2 professional freelancers provide wider range of skill sets than 1 full time staff ever could.

Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page said in 2014 that "the future of workforce will be part-time". given rapid changes to the business world due to the ever evolving technology, we foresee gradual elimination of some tradiotional jobs leading to strong growth of demand in flexible workforce.

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Standard Job Posting

No Up-Front Fee
Valid for 30 Days

RM45 / 45 Credits to unlock ALL applicants' contact information

Application alert by email notification

Multi-platform job submission

Featured Job Posting

RM99 / 99 Credits
Valid for 30 + 10 days
(10 days Free for limited time only)

ALL applicants' contact are unlocked by default

(No further charges)

Application alert by email notification

Multi-platform job submission

Featured on top of main page

Custom design job posting background

Attract more applicants

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Do you know has 89% applications rate on part-time, freelance and temporary job recruitment?

All candidates in one place at

All candidates in one place at

No up-front fee to create 30 days job posting, pay RM45 / 45 Credits only to unlock all applicants

This is to ensure employer receives applications first before paying.

The applications you receive will be anonymized (i.e. you won't see the candidate's contact information). Pay only RM45.00 / 45 Credits when you are ready to invite the candidates down for an interview, and you will unlock all applicants for that job. Even if you receive applicants after payment, you will still gain access to all their contact information and full profiles.

If I post for featured job posting, do I still need to pay extra to see applicants contact information?

No further charges applied. All applicants’ contact information are unlocked by default for Featured Job Posting. So you do not need to pay any extra.

The competition to hire the BEST will increase in years ahead. Companies that give extra flexibility to their employees will have the edge in this area.

Bill Gates


A VERIFIED employer signifies a genuine account holder. it represents a trusted and reputable employer, hence it builds confidence among job seekers. Upon completion of a verification process, employers will be provided a VERIFIED status.


This badge will showcase on every job posting to indicate verified employer to the jobseekers

2. Attract More Applicants

VERIFIED Employer attract more applicants compare to non-verified employer

3. Complimentary Credit

VERIFIED Employer will receive a complimentary credits to start recruiting

4. Full Credit Refund Guarantee

VERIFIED employer is entitled to a full credit refund if the job posting does not receive any enquiry or application.

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To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace

Doug Conant
Former CEO of Campbell's Soup

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